DIY No Carve Pumpkins for Halloween

It’s almost Halloween so Little Grand is ready for a fun kid activity and to transform our Fall Pumpkin Display into fun and playful Halloween decorations.  I wanted to avoid carving the pumpkins so that after Halloween they can still be used for Thanksgiving décor.
DIY no carve Halloween pumpkins, kid activity

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DIY Home Renovation–The fireplaces

There are two fireplaces in the 1956 Fixer Upper House that we are anxious to use, but not before they are checked out.  We do not know if the previous owners had the chimneys cleaned or inspected so for safety sake we are using a professional chimney sweep.  I will admit I priced the wire brushes and rods and contemplated very briefly having hubs get on the roof.  However, the cost of the equipment was about 1/3 the cost of having it done professionally and hubs wasn’t too keen on climbing the roof.
DIY, home improvement, chimney sweep, fireplace


DIY Designer Cake Plate and Dome

I have several cake plates of the plain Jane clear bargain variety that were begging for an update.  I think I picked this one up a while back for about $12.  If you keep your eye out you might even find one cheaper than that at a garage sale.  They have been quite useful but it’s time to do some quick and easy make overs that will elevate them to a new and improved designer piece.  I came across a can of shiny metallic silver spray paint to use on the first one.  I feel contemporary coming on…
diy Designer cake dome from Dollar Store


DIY an overgrown cedar tree into a life size Bonsai Tree

There was an overgrown evergreen tree next to our entry gate that we thought was in need of removing until we discovered the beautiful trunk beneath all the overgrowth.  This is how it looks (on a very windy day!) and you can see some progression shots of the hidden beauty.
DIY ornamental tree trimming, bonsai, sunset
I love how it turned out and how the sunset shows off its shape and form.

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