DIY Craft: Painting glass

Welcome to my first Craft Sunday at the 1956 Fixer Upper.  DIL asked if she could invite a couple of friends to our Craft Sunday and I happily complied.  This month we are going to try painting on glass so I picked up several pieces of clear glassware at a thrift store and spent an afternoon practicing so I could give at least a little guidance toward success.  My project is a pumpkin on a stemmed wineglass using flat acrylic craft paint.  The second project is also a pumpkin but using gloss enamel paint.  Pumpkins are all different, so don’t strive to make them so matchey matchey. Both paint methods were successful, but the enamel will be a more durable finish after it is baked and a bit more washable if I use it as a wine glass.  Read on for my success tips.glass_painting 1
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Bake, Decorate, and Create for the Holiday

Christmas crafts, Christmas foods, Christmas decorations, Christmas traditions are near and dear to most of our hearts.  It started when I was a kid hearing the season music, the smell of a fresh tree in the house and anticipating the Santa watch on Christmas Eve.  My Dad was very excited about the holiday and went to great lengths to make it special for all of us.  My grandmother made hot cocoa as we little kids waited anxiously and the uncles took turns guarding the door to the Christmas room increasing the excitement until everyone was present and ready.  In that spirit here’s a look back at some of my favorite December posts. Each photo is linked to the original post with recipes/tour/DIY’s.  I hope you enjoy it and hop around to some of the other blogger participants in our Look at Christmas Past.  Clicking on each photo will take you to the post.
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Kid craft: Snowmen on a mason jar

It is a very cold day here and perfect for painting snowmen with the 3 (almost 4) year old.
snowman bulb jar kid craft


DIY Home Renovation–Painting the Front Door

The 1956 Fixer Upper front door was white and it will eventually be replaced with a windowed door but for now, there’s paint.  There is nothing wrong with a white door, I am just ready to get bold with some color.  Besides, it’s just paint and it can always be repainted, right?  While shopping I picked up several color cards in the paint section and took them home.  I narrowed them down to a color that goes well with the red brick and  I am quite fond of and showed it to hubs.  He has color aversion when it comes to walls and doors so I was surprised when he nodded his head in approval.  I pounced on it and purchased a quart of exterior satin acrylic before he could change his mind.
DIY painting an aqua front door


A Thanksgiving table for the fall

I always enjoy seeing the beautiful table settings on Pinterest and blogs I visit.  Now that we have a formal dining area I get to dress up a table for myself. It was fun to pull together some fall items and know I get to leave it set up for several days.  This table started with a moss green fabric runner topped with a wide burlap ribbon.  The centerpiece is a green glass vase I picked up at Ross and large sunflowers from Michaels.  The acorn squash, butternut squash and pine cones are real but the acorns are not.  The fabric pumpkin is one I crafted last fall.  DSC_1340