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Hi everyone my name is Sandra and I blog over at Sandra's Ark.  I'm very happy to be a guest here today. Jeannie has asked me to share with you today about something that I did a while back when I had moved house. When we moved back to Northern Ireland from Belgium in Dec 2010 I was so pleased to be moving into a house with a light, spacious, nicely decorated bathroom. It along with the kitchen and the master bedroom were the main attractions to persuade us to forget the previous decision of

"We do not want a house at the top of a hill!".

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Natural Bug Spray Recipe

Hi!  I'm Cari, and I was invited to write a guest post while Jeannie is moving.  I blog at Everything Pretty, which is a blog about makeup, beauty, and living healthy.  I feature a lot of DIY beauty recipes, but I want to share something different with you today.

The mosquitoes are just loving me this year!  I can't sit outside for more than a minute without feeding every mosquito on the farm.  They even attack me in the pool while I am swimming!  

I don't want to get eaten up, but I don't want to put chemicals on myself or my kids.  So I came up with this DIY bug repellent spray recipes.  
mosquito spray
I love this recipe because it's all natural.  I had neem oil for my fruit trees, and I really liked it versus using just olive oil.  This spray doesn't feel sticky or icky on my skin, which is a major bonus!

I hope you enjoy my recipe, and I hope you'll stop by to see me!

French Vanilla Iced Coffee

The Best Iced Coffee Recipe Ever

Hi there!! I am Brandy, I blog over at Wonderfully Messy Mom. I am excited to share with you 'For What It's Worth' readers the best Iced Coffee recipe you will ever try! Hands down, it's the best!!



The house sold in two days and the packing is almost done.  We decided to use U-Haul and truck it ourselves.  We hired a couple of packers to load the truck through U-Haul to make it easier.  When we get to our destination our son and some other firefighters will be there to unload.  I’m looking forward to that because I promised to provide hot dogs, beer and home made ice cream.  It will be our first party at the new home.
 u haul


Home Staging

We definitely made a good choice on realtors.  After listing the house with them we took the rest of the weekend to remove and store things from the closets, off shelves and off the walls.  Monday a home stager came over.  I (not so secretly) looked forward to this part.  She was great.  I learned that my taste is not so far off the mark and had already done a lot of the right things to remove the personal stuff and allow the buyers to see themselves in our home.