Instant happy

I feel an instant happy when I spot the first wildflowers of the season.  In Texas it's the state Bluebonnets that get my heart going.  I saw these north of Little Elm, Texas on Hwy 423.  They flanked the gates to Zion Hill and followed the road all the way to the top.


Short cut skillet Lasagna

It’s another lovely day outside but a little cool.  I’m putting together a quick and easy short cut lunch in my favorite cooking tool, a cast iron skillet.  This one is a small meatless lunch for two that literally took under 5 minutes to assemble.  Out of my freezer I pulled a partial bag of cheese Ravioli and the other ingredients from the fridge and spice cabinet.  Here we go:


How to make a blog banner

It's taken me some time and messing around with different free online software programs but I finally came out with what I was after using the free PicMonkey.   What I had was a blue gray box with fuzzy writing and no texture in the background.  I wanted a textured neutral background with the heading centered and floating on top of the background.  It took several aggravating tries to come out the way I wanted it.  Because of that I decided to share what I learned and hopefully make it easier for someone else to make their own design.
DIY #blogbanner, PicMonkey, Blogger banner


A look inside myself

Do you do an annual Doctor visit?  Today was my turn and I enjoyed how talkative my Dr. was.  I started off telling him that I had put him on my New Year Resolution list and am proud to announce I completed it all.  He said that’s the first time he knew of that he was on someone’s resolution list!  He bugs me every year (since a couple of surgeries) to get a Colonoscopy screening.  As soon as I verified my insurance covers it, I got it done.  I also took care of the Mammogram, which I do faithfully because of my family history and am controlling my sugar count with an improved diet. 


Instant happy

An instant happy moment.

WEEK #14

  • On Saturday morning, I usually try to stay asleep without success then get up and have a cup of coffee and walk about the yard/garden.
  • I feel beautiful when  my grandchildren look up into my eyes and say "I love you".
  • I wake up every morning and wonder what fabulous adventure awaits me today.  It's my secret attack on boredom or lack of focus.
  • A happy home is where the family wants to be together.
  • When I have down time, I do whatever I want.  Now that I'm retired, that's pretty much every day! Whoo hoo.