Pumpkin craft and a bean lesson

Today boy grand asked to make a hanging spider decoration for our art project.  Spider crafts are easy and can be quite fun for some scary or not so scary Halloween decorating.  Here you can read the extremely easy and quick this crafty art is.

easy spider art craft
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DIY Home Renovation - the air conditioner

The small town we moved to has only one plumber who is multi talented.  After he re lit the gas water heater pilot light several times and worked for days on unclogging the aged pipes that make weird noises he worked on the A.C. unit.  After two weeks of having electricians reconnect this old house to the modern world the A.C. still wouldn't turn on.  The plumber/A.C. man ordered a computer board on the fan that appeared to be burned out but it still wouldn't turn on the unit outside.
No, not this fan!  The one in the central air box.


Crock Pot Chicken Pot Pie

Now that we are moved into the new address and have found a church home I am making my first pot luck lunch.  It's a large serving crock pot casserole full of hearty chicken, veggies and creamy broth with leaf shaped crust.  It's my version of Chicken Pot Pie for a crowd and it is definitely a comfort food that pleases the pallet.

I started with 2 herb deli roasted chickens.  I pulled the chicken off the bone and cut into bite size pieces and dropped them into the butter sprayed crock already turned on to high heat.  Next I dumped in the veggies and lots more yummy stuff. My goal is to make some mouths water and maybe even get a request for the recipe.  [silly smile] The best secrets are in the sauce...


Texas views from the 1956 renovation house

We have moved into the 1956 fixer upper and though we are struggling with utility issues, we love being able to sit outside under the oak tree and take in the expansive view of skies during the day and the unbelievable star display at night.  In our suburban house we could only see straight up and the city lights made stars appear faded and few.  Out here when the sun goes down and the moon has not made it’s way into the sky, it is DARK and the stars are BRIGHT.  The horizon is mesmerizing.


DIY Home Renovation–Painting wallpaper

This weekend we had a house full of company and all wanted to do something to help move the fixer upper project along.  I had primer and paint already purchased for the entry.  The big question was, “Can I paint my wallpaper?”  We girls did a test and went for it while the boys carried out the very large, very heavy, very dark old rug from the den.  Immediately the room felt better.  The dusty smell began disappearing as the little grands used the dust mops and Swiffer wet mop to remove even more dust. 
The front entry had a flocked brownish gold wallpaper that definitely needed a make over.  I wasn’t sure how it would look but the test patch looked okay and I am pleased with the outcome.  First it got a good dusting with both a broom and some rags then the floor was covered and the door frames and baseboards taped off.  I bought primer/paint in an antique white that closely matches all the woodwork.  The woodwork paint is in great shape and won’t need repainting until much – much later on. We used paint rollers to get paint into the flocking.  We also tried dabbing the flocked paper with a sponge and stippling with a paint brush.  The stippling worked best but the paint roller was faster.  We applied thin coats allowing time to dry between.  Some bubbles appeared in the wallpaper from the paint saturation, but as it dried they stretched back out and disappeared.
painting flocked wallpaper