Look out, mamma's got spray paint! |For what it's worth

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Look out, mamma's got spray paint!

My favorite craft supply is spray paint.  It's quick.  It's easy.  It works on everything.  That makes me happy.  I saw a cute post where Kathe with an E brightened up her privacy fence by painting some adornments to hang.  I finished reading the post, closed my computer and headed to the craft store where I bought 8 little birdhouses.  With my favorite craft supply...spray paint...I painted them and hung them in the Rosemary bush.  Then I looked at the fence where a number of larger bird houses were lost under the Virginia Creeper and the same weathered gray as the fence.  It took only a few seconds to  lift each house away from the fence and give the faces a colorful coat of spray paint. The entire project took less than an hour (which included the trip to buy the houses!) Thanks for the idea, Kathe with an E.