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How to make an easy Patriotic Banner

It’s all about the red, white and blue today.  This fun and easy patriotic craft is easy enough for a small child to create and quick enough to put together as a last minute party decoration.  Although this one has a patriotic theme, you can easily use this economical cupcake liners to decorate for any festive occasion. 
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You only need two items for this fun banner; cupcake papers and string.  I used cross stitching thread, but twine, kite string, fishing line, yarn… any string will work just fine.
banner 1
Use your hand to flatten out as many cupcake papers as you need to span the distance where you plan to display them.  You could iron them, but I wanted to keep the pleated look so they resembled those patriotic banners you see hanging on buildings around town.
banner 2
Fold the flattened papers in half, making a sharp crease.
banner 4
Measure out some string so you have a cute swag and slide the folded papers onto it.  You could letter on a message if you want. 

Hang it up.  Instant happy! 


  1. so cute and easy craft to do with kids too

  2. This is so incredibly simple and yet ingenious! Thank you for coming to the party today.

  3. This is a cute idea. It would be great to create and hang this banner for the 4th of July.

  4. Love it! so simple and cute! Pinning :-).


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