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Main Street Texas

I am a seventh generation Texan and I find the state fascinating. I don't mind when folks poke a little fun at us for our drawling speech habits or our tendency to brag a bit too much.  There are so many beautiful places and things to share.

The big girl grand and I carried our camera's for a beautiful fall day walking  up and down 
Main Street Grapevine, Texas today.

We spent lots of time looking at 
crafty window displays 
Isn't this cute?  pot lids/coffee pots totem for sunglasses display.

There were pretty pumpkin displays everywhere!

Will have to show this one on my
"It's Okay" post!
It's a busy place with lots of people enjoying the atmosphere.

I love this town with it's architectural old buildings 
and metro appeal.

There's even an old cabin on this main street.
And a windmill.  

Can you read the sign by the water 
that's at the bottom of the windmill?
Okay, for those of you that watch too much TV 
and think we all ride horses everywhere...
there are no horses on this main street.  
Wait, there may have been a big sculpture.
But no real horses, not today.

Hope you enjoyed our day on a Main Street in Texas


  1. What a great place to spend the day! I too am a native Texan and there are still so many places in our big ole state that I haven't been to. Have to add this one to my bucket list.

  2. Oh how fun for you and your grandchild. Thanks for a lovely visit via Grandparent's Say It Saturday.

  3. VERY enjoyable and fun post! :)

  4. How fun! Thank you! I've never been to Texas but I love small towns and yours looks beautiful!

    1. I hope you get the chance to come some day, you'd love it. Meanwhile, you'll be able to see more over the next few weeks here on my blog. :-)

  5. Some of the photos of mainstreet looks like my downtown in rural Central California. But I also see some architecture that is unique to your area. I love the photos!

    1. Thanks Pam, your comments always make me smile.

  6. I love Texas! And this sweet little town looks very enjoyable; thanks for linking with me!

    1. Glad you stopped by Connie, I'm happy I found your link up.


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