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Doily pumpkin

An ugly duckling story about a Halloween decoration.

Once upon a time someone bought this plastic battery operated pumpkin for Halloween.  It was ugly and was almost tossed out to the garbage truck for pick up.  But alas, an old woman rescued it and it became  a beautiful fall decoration!  This is how it happened.
The old woman brought the plastic pumpkin in from the garbage
and placed it on a doily.  There was an instant attraction.

She measured it for a transformation in her mind.
Some quilt batting was cut to fit.
The pumpkin was swaddled in the batting cozily.

Some jute rope was cut and taped together.

The doily covered the batting and was held in place with the jute.
A stem was crafted from the ends of the jute. 

The transformation was amazing.

Then the newly transformed pumpkin sighed happily
as it rested on a table center piece and
heard the trash truck pass by.
Save an ugly plastic pumpkin! 
You will need:
 A plastic pumpkin, measuring tape, scissors, tape, quilt batting, doily, jute rope.
Transform an ugly plastic pumpkin:
  • Measure the circumference of the pumpkin and cut some batting.
  • Cut 4 lengths of jute twice as long as the circumference of the pumpkin.
  • Follow the photo tutorial for wrapping the pumpkin.
  • After wrapping the jute around the doily, use an additional length of jute to tie the ends together
  • to form a stem, fold the ends of the jute back over itself.
  • Use more jute to wrap around the ends starting from the base up and back down (ending where you started) Tie it off at the base.
  • Add a couple fall leaves and display your saved pumpkin.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoyed my pumpkin story!
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