Lowe's Gift Card winner is...

The Spring De-Junk Challenge was a big success.  My closet is show ready and all the other little areas that had been collecting junk all winter are pleasingly neat.  I am even planning a tea party with some friends while it looks so nice.  If you'd like to see the before and after stages of each day use hashtag #SpringDeJunkChallenge in Instagram.  There are some helpful hints on how to accomplish cleanup without stress in previous posts here and here.  And now... the winner of the $110 Lowe's gift card is...  Samantha V.  Samantha & her four kids participated by de-junking in preparation for her active duty military hubby's return.  We are very excited for her!

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  1. I missed the spring dejunk challenge so I'm heading over to Instagram to have a look!


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